Labyrinth is the first of two singles to support the launch of my debut Sci-fi Metal album Nucleosynthesis, coming out 23rd July!

This song really was a beast to record, with something like 60 audio tracks, tonnes of orchestral parts, synth parts, crazy drums and also some of my favourite riffs from the album 😎

The Music

Check out the first EPOCH release

Expect further releases soon.



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Behold the wonder that is...
the first Epoch of Chirality music video!

So what is the Epoch of Chirality Project?

“Imagine an epic 80s Sci-fi movie soundtrack... played by a metal band!”

The Epoch of Chirality project draws on traditional metal sounds, progressive song structure and exotic synthesizer experimentation to create a unique musical landscape, heavily influenced by Sci-Fi and Fantasy themes.

"Where Ayreon and Tool meet in the middle... Or something like that"
- Hendrik

Very interesting for a metal/Ayreon/Dream Theater-nerd like me. Lookin' forward for the releases " - Leif

"His music is awesome, inspiring and unique. Can't wait for the album!"
- Phil

"I love all things prog. EoC reminds me of a nice blend of Cryptic Vision and IQ with a dash of Pallas thrown in" - Gary

"I have never heard such beautiful music... It just carries me away. I love it. got to buy that album!" - Donna

Epoch of Chirality's Mission:


> Provide an escape from the annoying humans of the real world


> Take the listener to a distant corner of the universe with METAL-infused SCI-FI soundscapes


> Blend progressive rock/metal with the esoteric sounds of classic synthesizers and instrumental samples




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