Based in the South West of England, Epoch of Chirality is a unique progressive metal solo project driven by experienced multi-instrumentalist, composer and sci-fi enthusiast Richard How.


The Epoch of Chirality project draws on traditional metal sounds, progressive song structure and exotic synthesizer experimentation to create a unique musical landscape, heavily influenced by sci-fi and fantasy themes.


Many components of the project have been developed over the past 20 years of playing and recording, but with no appreciable exposure into the wider world. 2021 will mark the culmination of the creative journey with the release of the Epoch of Chirality project’s debut album.


The project will begin with digital release of supporting singles and media across social media, streaming platforms and the Epoch of Chirality mailing list. Physical albums and merchandise will later be made available via pre-order or post-release purchases.


There are few artists that successfully blend acoustic and synthesized instruments to create soundscapes that could belong to a sci-fi or fantasy epic, whilst still retaining the power and emotional impact of metal! Epoch of Chirality is an attempt to voyage into these somewhat uncharted waters and bring a unique experience to the fans.

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